Organizers of the St. Louis marathon stripped the winner of her title this week, saying she had crept onto the course late in the race for the second consecutive year to make it... 1 hour ago | CTV Montreal
Some Montreal cab drivers who don’t like Uber have been using the popular ride-share app to track the traitors in their midst. 1 hour ago | CBC Montreal
Westmount’s Eugenie Bouchard pulled off an epic snub when she declined to shake the outstretched hand of her next opponent at a Fed Cup pre-match ceremony Friday in Montreal. 1 hour ago | CTV Montreal
Los Angeles Kings centre Jarret Stoll was arrested Friday for suspected cocaine possession at the MGM Grand Hotel's Wet Republic pool complex. 3 hours ago | CTV Montreal
A Montreal North resident was rushed to hospital with smoke inhalation after a fire burst out in a 24-unit apartment at 5227 Charleroi in Montreal North early Saturday morning. 3 hours ago | CTV Montreal
A Montreal police officer who was filmed as he threatened to tie a homeless man to a pole during one of the coldest days of last year has been ordered to appear before the police... 4 hours ago | Montreal Gazette
I had to buy a phone charger last month because the old plug didn’t fit my new phone — even though it was the same brand. I threw the old one in a box filled with my other... 6 hours ago | Montreal Gazette
Lauren Loughheed was a four-year-old girl from Beaconsfield who was living with a rare disease. She dies in her father’s arms on Monday, but lives on in the people's memory. 19 hours ago | CBC Montreal
A common mondegreen from the 1930s involved Montreal.  The 1929 hit "I'm a dreamer aren't we all?" was commonly transformed into "I'm a Dreamer Montreal." The Marx Brothers used... April 17, 2015 | Coolopolis
 Aimee Boucher learned the dangers of using a big saw at John Abbott College where she mangled her right index finger in a blade.    Boucher went to court against the school,... April 14, 2015 | Coolopolis
You’d think that Global couldn’t go any further in centralizing the production of their regional newscasts. As it is, stations like Montreal have their control rooms in hubs... April 12, 2015 | Fagstein
   Coolopolis received a florid description of a possible shantytown in the heart of St. Henry's.   Writing to see if you had any idea about the history or origins of this bizarre... April 10, 2015 | Coolopolis
The head of Canada’s largest media company is suddenly out of a job. And the press release announcing the departure of Bell Media president Kevin Crull makes it clear the... April 9, 2015 | Fagstein
Demolition on Selby A beautiful greystone on Selby west of Greene has been demolished and the one pictured here will be going down too. Sam Roberts used to live there and a city... April 8, 2015 | Coolopolis
Could the soon-to-be vacated Montreal Children's Hospital at Atwater and Dorch work as a site for a future downtown baseball stadium? We popped this into the blender that is... April 6, 2015 | Coolopolis